What the hell is a H.E.N.K.?


When I make installations I give them the name H.E.N.K. For them to be called this, they have to have a certain conditions in which they have to suffice.


The installation has a day- and night aesthetics

In the book learning from Las Vegas from Robert Venturi, he analyzes the city and where it's attraction comes from. Las Vegas s full of neon signs and marquees. The specific situation of Las Vegas has led to a very specific aesthetics of these signs. I find them very attractive, and very inspirational. So much so, that I want to incorporate the specific conceptual characteristics in my installations, and the most important one is that my work has to have a day and night aesthetics. 


There is a merger between high and low art

My inspiration comes from different corners. This can be from a painting, installation, comic book, movie, tv show or computer game. All the things that I'm obsessed by, and is very personal.

Art theory separates various media in "high" art and "low" art. I really like playing with these two definitions and let them cooperate or clash. The installation has to have conscious effort with these two ingredients.



The installation deals with the dynamics of contemperary culture.

A part of the futuristic manifest, which stood out to me,is that an artwork has to show the dynamics of modern live. This has to be represented in the installation. This can be made possible by using animation, video or light. The installation has to have a moving element, light or video projection.

Movement creates consciousness. An artwork with movement creates a presence that attracts people.


an artwork is the inspiration for the installation.

A good artwork is an inspiration to me. A lot can be learned from studying an artwork or artist. Researching an artwork in it's conceptual ideas, artistic intentions or craftmanship is an important part of my practice. I really get fired up by an artwork, and this starts the urge to create. Using an artwork for an installation is very stimulating, and gives the oppurtunity to research an artist.


The installation relates to the space it is in.

I am very aware of a space when I enter it. This can be done for instance to incorporate the wall, by making a wall painting. Or it can be done by creating architectural elements that relate to the space. In the installation itself I use geometric elements that suggest space or alter space.